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29 April 2006 @ 03:29 am
Love can be
A beautiful mountain stream,
Filling the air
With the sweet freshness of a summer's day,
Or the crispness of a fall morning,
Walking hand in hand
Among the fallen leaves.

Love can be
A piece of chocolate,
Sweet, and soft,
As you bite into it,
Savoring every part of it.
Slowly melting in your mouth
Leaving you craving more.

Love can make life worth living,
Filling every moment
With excitement, and intrigue,
Looking forward to every second
You are with the one you love.

Love can be
A blanket of reassurance,
Reminding you
That everything will be all right,
That you are good enough,
That you are wanted,
That you are needed,
To be someone's guide...
To wrap them in your blanket,
To let them know
Everything will be okay.

Love can be
A cold, dark, winter's day,
Filled with emptiness,
Making you feel
As dull,
And lifeless,
As the clouds
That consume the bright blue sky.

Love can be
An unripened peach,
And difficult to break through.

Love can take the excitement from your life,
So that you simply exist,
Wandering through life
Like a zombie in a daze.

Love can give you hope
That the clouds will part,
The fog will lift,
And you will walk past the haze
With a brightness
That only you posses
That makes you stand out
From the rest.