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29 April 2006 @ 10:33 pm
Be Anything To My Awful Nothing  
Won't you be the star
Illuminating my darkest night
Sheilding me from the fear
That lurks behind the absent light

Would you be my blanket
On the coldest winter day
Wrapping me in the warmth of your love
No matter what should come our way

Could you be my guide
As I try and find my place
Holding tightly to my hand
When life seems like a waste

Won't you be a friend
Making my life whole
Say you'll stay beside me always
Cradled inside my soul

For you, my friend, are everything
I could never be
A smile that shines as someone
Everyone can see

And I am just invisible
Non-existant in this world
And though I blend into the scenery
You see, I'm still a girl

So, won't you fill this emptiness
That leaves me reaching out for something
And won't you please be anything
To my awful nothing